INFRAM SK s.r.o is engaged in particular in the following areas:

O Spolocnosti
  • Engineering - is the dominant field, the company provides services in construction supervision / technical supervision for investor in the projects of modernization of the main rail corridors and motorway (highway) network building projects in Slovakia.
  • Project management - a complex engineering cover of individual projects, covering areas from planning to monitoring, communication, leadership, and of course the completion of the project to the satisfaction of the investor including a successful handling of claims management and risk management.
  • Inhibition systems against crashes of stones, rubble, avalanches and slope-stabilization - is another area that our company brings to the Slovak market in cooperation with the Czech parent company and the Geobrugg AG Swiss company. We provide examination of the terrain, exploration, design solutions, project preparation of inhibiton systems, material supply, installation and maintenance as well.
  • The procuring activity - is provided for works, goods and services with a professionally qualified person
  • Consulting and training activities – which INFRAM SK s.r.o. provides result from the practical experience in mentioned areas and long experience of experts - our employees and collaborators . Providing quality consulting and training shows the experience in activity with the projects co-financed by the European Union, which subject to strict rules and following inspection of their compliance, and also compliance with regulations, directives and recommendations of the EU related to the area of operation.

Information about the projects listed can be found in the Major references works Major references.