Company policy of integrated management system

The basic principle of INFRAM SK s.r.o. operation is to achieve the highest quality of the product offered while minimizing any negative impacts of activities on the environment.

INFRAM SK s.r.o. policy of management system is based on the following principles:

  • Products must always fully comply with the requirements and wishes of our customers. Customer and the public satisfaction makes all the business.
  • The quality of our products and protection of the environment directly or indirectly affects all of our staff.
  • Awareness of staff to care for the environment is encouraged by keeping them informed in detail about all the environmental aspects of activities undertaken by INFRAM SK s.r.o.
  • INFRAM SK s.r.o. must try to use available technological and organizational means to prevent any possible environmental damage.
  • Qualification and motivation of staff is developed with regard to company┬┤s future needs.
  • Permanent improvement of the quality of our work and our products is the right way - a method to ensure the competitiveness of our products under demanding conditions.
  • INFRAM SK s.r.o.must consistently respect and meet legal requirements and be interested in the quality and environmental protection.
Obrazek Clenstvi